Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ryan Keyes - NeverSleep (Mixtape)

This has been a longtime coming for my fam, Ryan Keyes. A self-taught producer since the age of 12, Keyes rarely kept beats for himself, until now. This 19-track freshman mixtape is entirely self-produced, and has features from: Benji, BoBo, DB, Richie Reeves and K. Burns.

Even if his sound isn't your flavor, I was a first hand witness of his work ethic. As he says in the intro:
"...I promise I'm next, maybe right now, maybe next year, maybe five years; anytime but I promise I'm next..."
and its hard to deny the fact Keyes has something special.

So without further adieu, Midwest Kept Secret presents: NeverSleep 

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