Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mickey Factz - Mickey MauSe (Mixtape) [Updated!]

I'd like to personally welcome ya'll back with quite possibly one of the best concept mixtapes in the last 5 years.

Mickey Factz had been in the lab for nearly a year before he hit the web with Mickey MauSe. MauSe is Factz's alter ego, a graffiti writer residing in the 1980s. This tape follows MauSe through the 80's and discusses topics such as crack-cocaine and AIDS. Additionally, MauSe sits down and chops it up with fellow artists such as: Keith Haring, Jean-Michael Basquiat, Kenny Scarf, Fab Five Freddy and finally Andy Warhol.

The entire tape was self produced by Factz and features Dangermouse and Deadmau5 sampling. It's an incredibly dope concept, and turned me from a naysayer to a believer. Cop the tape after the jump!

Also: Factz sat down with and gave his thoughts on the over-saturation of music online. Very interesting read after listening to the quality of his latest work! View the interview here

Download: Mickey Factz - Mickey MauSe (Mixtape)

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